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This travel guide blog is about Isla Verde in BATANGAS, Philippines. This publish consists of sample itineraries, summary of expenses, as well as other travel ideas as well as recommendations. If you’re trying to find Isla Verde in Puerto Rico, this is not it.

Where I’m from, Isla Verde is a stuff of legends. At least, when I was a kid.

Growing up in Batangas, I’ve always heard about Verde Island as a paradise with a affluent secret. It’s something my late grandfather utilized to talk about. One doesn’t reach the fabled land easily. Isla Verde, my lolo claimed, is surrounded by monstrous waves. however one day, he said, if we would be great as well as do good, we’ll set foot in the island as well as take pleasure in the treasures it hides. It is the positive, satisfying counterpoint to Mt. Maculot, which was utilized by our village seniors as a danger as well as punishment. The great people go to Isla Verde, as well as the naughty are abducted by the witch of Maculot.

Of course, as a grownup, I don’t believe that anymore. Well, to be honest, I don’t believe I ever did. It sounded like something my lolo just made as much as influence as well as frighten his bit grandchildren into behaving well. however when I lastly jumped out of the boat as well as stepped on its glistening shore, it felt like every peaceful moment I spent right here was a reward earned, like I had been great all my life.

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Understanding Isla Verde

These days, Isla Verde is no longer the mythical land my grandfather painted in my head. It is, in fact, an island off the coastline of Batangas City. It’s composed of six barangays as well as is house to over 6200 residents. now that I had the enjoyment of checking out it, I can confidently report that I had zero sightings of souls, kids or otherwise.

Photo by Glenn Ituriaga
But if there’s one thing that my grandpa got right, it’s that it shelters massive riches! however instead of gold or coins, Isla Verde is a treasure trove of marine life. I understood this even back when I was in High School. When we crossed Verde Island passage on the method to Mindoro, I saw dolphins for the very first time in my life. They swam as well as jumped together with our boat. It was magical, however not unusual at all. Isla Verde rises in the middle of this passage, which is explained by a 2007 Smithsonian Institute research study as the “center of the center” of the world’s marine biodiversity citing the high concentration of marine species.

Isla Verde is isolated from the rest of the province. While Batangas City is developed, the island is far from it. There is no consistent supply of electricity. Residents depend on generators, which are run from 6pm-10pm only. Some resorts utilize solar panels, however they can’t supply 24/7 power either. Hence, be prepared before showing up in the island. Bring power banks (mobile chargers). as well as if you truly can’t stand the heat, get one of those mobile battery-powered fans.

Here are a lot more things you requirement to understand about Verde Island:

भाषा: ट्यागलग। बोलीबिन्दु: Batangas ट्यागालोग। Although Batanguenos can converse with people from Manila, they utilize specific words that Manilenos will most likely not understand.

मुद्रा: फिलिपिप्न पेन (php, ₱)। Php100 USD1.92, EUR 1.56, एसजीड 2..52 (अप्रिल 201) को रूपमा हो।

Modes of payment: CASH! withdraw money before you board your boat to the island. There are no banks or ATMs here.

Connectivity: Both wise as well as globe have strong LTE data signal in the island. (I was surprised, too!)

बिजुली जानकारी: 2202v, 60hz। सकेट प्रकार एक, ज्यादातर। Again, there are no routine power lines in the island. Residents depend on generators as well as solar panels. electrical energy is normally offered from 6pm-10pm only.

Best Time to Visit

The Amihan months of January-May are the very best time to go to Isla Verde. Amihan refers to the northeast monsoon, which brings cooler temperatures as well as bit rain.

According to the boatmen we talked to, it is likewise the season when the seas are fairly gentle. I state “relatively” since it depends upon a number of factors. For example, if you’re catching the huge traveler boats to the island, these waves don’t look much. however if you’re on a little boat, which is what locals frequently utilize to get around, these waves feel like they’re out to get you.

मुहान: विश्व बैंक
However, note that March-May is commonly thought about the Philippine summer, which is the period when institutions close for a break as well as the general population go on weekend vacations, so expect a lot more tourists. great news is, Isla Verde is off the beaten track, so the crowd never truly reach crucial mass. in spite of that, make sure you have prior lodging reservations since lodging choices in the island is quite slim.

दिन भ्रमणको यात्रा बनाम रातभरि रहनुहोस्: कुन राम्रो छ?

The very first thing you requirement to do when planning a trip to Isla Verde is to choose whether you’re checking out for a day or you’re staying overnight. Which is better? Well, I dislike to response yes-no concerns with “it depends” however it depends. LOL. It depends upon lots of factors. right here are some concerns you requirement to ask yourself:

Do you believe you can make it to Tabangao port in Batangas City by 9am? There is only one boat that will take you to the vacationer areas of Verde Island as well as it’s arranged to leave Tabangao Port by 9am.

Are you totally fine with staying overnight in an island with extremely restricted electricity? Remember, power is only offered from 6pm-10pm. Resorts don’t have air-conditioned rooms. Some can supply fans however since of unreliable power supply, there is no assurance that those fans will work all night.

Do you believe you can catch the 4am public boat back to the mainland? Yep, it’s arranged at 4am. as well as yep, there’s only one trip. Usually, at least.

If you response indeed to all of the above, congratulations, you may think about costs a night or two in Isla Verde! You’re in for an adventure! You get to find a lot more of the island as well as experience the sunset!

If you’re not up for it, then the day excursion may be much better fit for you. No worries, you can still take pleasure in what the island’s beaches even if you only have a few hours. If you can, catch the 9am public boat transfer to the island to save on fare. However, since there are no public boat trips back to mainland in the afternoon, you’ll have to charter a personal boat, which costs at least P2000 per method (maximum 6 pax per boat, usually).

But here’s the rundown:


More time in the island.

Cheaper transportation costs since you can take the public boat to as well as from the island.

You can catch the 4am return boat to mainland.

More comfortable journey since the huge public boat can quickly deal with the waves.

No electrical energy in the island.


Short stay in the island.

Bigger transportation costs since you’ll have to charter a personal boat for at least one way.

No requirement to spend on accommodations.

Gives you a possibility to discover a lot more comfortable lodging choices in the mainland or just go house after the island visit.

Uses smaller boats which can be frightening often when moving against the waves. The sea is substantially rougher past noon.

How to get to Isla Verde

There are two methods to reach Verde Island: by catching the public boat as well as by chartering a personal boat. It is crucial to choose before the trip which one you’re taking since the ports for public as well as personal ports are not only different as well as special however likewise one hour apart!

Public boats are docked at Tabangao Aplaya (Tabangao Port), where personal boats are prohibited to pick up passengers. personal boats can be discovered in Brgy. Ilijan, much farther from the city however much better to Isla Verde.

Below are a lot more details.

By Public Boat

You requirement to board a little boat to get to the huge boat that ferries passengers to Verde Island.
If you’re taking the public boat, you requirement to make your method to Tabangao Port or Tabangao Aplaya, where boats to Isla Verde are stationed. note that this is different from Batangas Port (Batangas Pier). Here’s exactly how to get there:

From Manila, catch a bus bound for Batangas Grand Terminal. Alight at the Grand Terminal. Fare: P157.

Ride a jeepney to Bagong Palengke. Fare: P12. At Bagong Palengke, take one more jeepney to Tabangao Port. Fare: P17. Alternatively, you may take a tricycle at the Grand terminal directly to Tabangao Port. Fare: P300. overall travel time: 35 minutes.

At Tabangao Port, hop onto a little paddle boat that will take you to MB incredibly MARIO. Fare: P10 per person. then from the little boat, climb to the bigger incredibly MARIO boat. Fare: P120. It will make two stops: very first at Mahabang Buhangin, second, at Sampalukan.

At which stop must you get off?
If you’re costs the night at a resort, a lot of likely in Sampalukan. Isla Verde has only a few resorts as well as they’re all better to Sampalukan.

If you’re on a day tour, I suggest just staying in Mahabang Buhangin. It’s better to the mainland. You’ll likewise discover island-hopping excursion boats that you can charter here. even if you get off in Sampalukan as well as take a boatexcursion from there, one of the stops will still be Mahabang Buhangin. There are likewise homestays right here if you want to spend the night.

There are other boats to Isla Verde. during our visit, a boat called SEA QUEEN is likewise choosing up passengers together with incredibly MARIO. However, I don’t believe it’s going to the exact same areas in the island. Our contacts in Isla Verde as well as the personnel at the port upon discovering that we’re tourists particularly told us to board incredibly Mario. They stated that if we were going to Mahabang Buhangin as well as resorts like Isla Verde tropical friendly Resort, we must hop onto incredibly Mario.

IMPORTANT! The boat is arranged to leave at 9am, at least on paper. In practice, the boat will leave as soon as it’s full. We shown up just a bit after 8am as well as the boat was nearly full already that we had to sit on the “outside” part (without cover so make sure you bring a hat or anything to cover your deal with as well as eyes). I was traveler #67 on the manifest. The boat left the port at 8:40am.

If you’re driving, you can park your vehicle at Tabangao Port. Overnight car parking Fee: P100.

व्यक्तिगत डु by ्गा द्वारा

If you desire to charter a personal boat to Isla Verde, it is finest if you have a get in touch with before you go. Inge। Ilijan (pronounced ILI-HAN), which is found over an hour away from the Grand Terminal, is the normal pick up point since it is the part of the mainland closest to Isla Verde, however it modifications depending upon your contact. It can be difficult to discover one on the spot. For example, before we made a decision to catch the public transpo, we thought about chartering a personal boat. Our get in touch with provided us a pick up point different from Ilijan. (I can’t keep in mind the name of the place. All I keep in mind is that the boat is had by a konsehal. Haha. however the point is, it varies depending upon where your boat is stationed.)

One thing is for sure, though: you’ll have a difficult time setting up a personal transfer in Tabangao Port since it’s indicated for the public boats. Your possibilities are much better if you go to Ilijan instead.

मनिलाबाट, ब्रह्माको बन्धन ग्र्यान्जल टर्मिनलका लागि बाध्य। भव्य टर्मिनलमा खाल। भाडा: p157।

Take the jeepney to SM City Batangas. If you can’t discover one, catch a jeepney to the city appropriate (Bayan) as well as tell the motorist to decrease you off at a area where you can take one more jeepney to SM. Fare: P12 each leg.

At SM, trip the jeepney to Ilijan. Ask the motorist to decrease you off before Berania Langley resort or after Vista de Fuente Resort. Fare: P50.

Walk towards the beach.

Meet your boatman. trip the boat to the island. travel time: 45 minutes to an hour.

Ilijan Beach. You understand you’re at the ideal area when you have this view.
If you requirement personal boat contacts, right here are some that I gathered. These boatmen are based in Isla Verde, so they will come pick you up from the island. Boatmen fee different rates as well as their vessels are of different sizes. The only one that I have tried below is Kuya Sherwin. He charges us P2000 for a little boat that can fit 3 passengers. For the rest, I only got to speak to them as well as collected their get in touch with numbers, however I haven’t tried them or seen their boats. I’m just publishing info that they relayed to me.

Sherwin Acebeda
Capacity: great for 3 pax
Contact Number: 0975 737 4243, 0999 688 0563
Ilijan-Isla Verde Rate: P2000
Island Hopping Rate: P1500

Kuya Ronnie
Capacity: great for 6 pax
Contact Number: 0950 278 5709
Ilijan-Isla Verde Rate: P2500
Island Hopping Rate: P1500

Kuya Aldrin
Contact Number: 0912 715 1526
Ilijan-Isla Verde Rate: P2500
Island Hopping Rate: P1500

If you requirement a bigger boat that can fit as much as 14 passengers, they can likewise supply one. I’m just not sure about the rates, so please get in touch with them directly.

कहाँ बस्ने

Isla Verde comprises six barangays: San Agustin Kanluran, San Agustin Silangan, San Agapito, San Andres, San Antonio, as well as Liponpon. For tourists, San Agustin Kanluran is the most crucial to be familiar with since it harbors the two stops that are a lot of likely of rate of interest to them: Mahabang Buhangin as well as Sampalukan.

Mahabang Buhangin. picture by Glenn Ituriaga.
Mahabang Buhangin is Isla Verde’s primary beach. a lot of of the beach is fringed with bush as well as little trees, however there is a little neighborhood along the coastline that offer homestay services.

Sitio Sampalukan is likewise in the exact same barangay however on the other side of the island. It is the normal jump off point to the island’s resorts.

Some resorts likewise gather extra charges for utilize of kitchen area facilit

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